How to Install Fonts on Your PC / Laptop


  1. Unzip the font files. After downloading the font, you’ll usually have a ZIP file (called something like fontname.zip) in your Downloads folder. To install the font, you’ll want to unzip the files inside. Here’s how:
    • Right click the .ZIP file and select > Extract Here. The file will be extracted to the folder containing the zipped file. Select Extract files to change the extraction folder.
    • The files contained in the zip file have now been extracted to the location of your choosing, and can be used as normal.

  2. Double-click the font file. This is the file that ends with .OTF, .TTF, or .TTC.

  3. Click the “Install” button. It’s at the top-left corner of the window. This installs the font by placing it into the Fonts folder. When the font is installed, the “Install” button will dim.
  4. Restart or launch the app you want to use the font in. For example, if you want to use the font in Adobe Photoshop and already had Photoshop open, you’ll need to close it and restart it so it can recognize the font.

  5. Type with your new font. Your new font should be recognized in any Windows app that allows you to select fonts to type with.
    • If you use your font in a Word, PowerPoint, or other non-image document, the font will only be visible on computers on which it’s installed. For example, let’s say you’ve used your newly-installed font in a Word document. If someone who doesn’t have the font installed on their own computer opens the on their computer, they won’t see the same font it will be replaced with their own computer’s default font.
      • One way to get around this in a Word or PowerPoint file is to embed the font inside the file. Just click the File menu, select Options, click the Save tab, check the box next to “Embed fonts in this file,” and then click OK.
    • If you use your new font on an image, such as on a graphic you create in Photoshop or Paint, or in a PDF file, it will appear as intended on any device the only time the font won’t show up on another computer is if you use it in a text file.